Beat the Hero

29 nov. 2010

Drum kit

Yeah this is my drum kit! An Alesis DM10 Studio Kit.

More info about it coming soon, gotta go!

28 nov. 2010

My first post

Welcome to my blog! I hope you'll have fun checking this out, watch me making my progress and maybe you can even give me some tips and hints!

Today, I've found out that I can drum My Curse of Killswitch Engage. Cool! Because it's one of my favourite all-time-favourite songs: ferocious, yet beautiful.
The double bass in the bridge is something to keep practising, but the rest isn't too hard.
It's a nice and fun song to drum!

I've also tried to drum along some songs of Despised Icon, but...
Yeah, that's still a looooonnngg road to go...

I'll be posting pictures of my elektric drum kit soon and maybe a cover of My Curse will follow...