Beat the Hero

27 mei 2011

Small Update

Dear readers,

I've succesfully recruited another drum student! Her name is Charlotte and she learns VERY quickly!
This will be awesome :].

I've created a list of upcoming drum covers a while ago and I'm additionally adding songs to it when it sounds cool. This is what it looks like at the moment:

BFMV - No Control (done, search between older posts)
Parkway Drive - Sleepwalker
Killswitch Engage - My Curse
The Sorrow - Raising the Devil
For The Fallen Dreams - Last Dying Breath
Emmure - Solar Flare Homicide
Unearth - Silence Caught the Stubborn Tongue
Port Blue - Sunset Cruiser

And remember, the 17th of June @ De Meester, Almere!

21 mei 2011

Back to business

Dear readers,

My wrist has fully recovered, I can play the drums again. I went to drum lessons when my wrist hasn't fully recovered yet, but that doesn't matter: my drum teacher Edwin Zandhuis gave me an exercise wich is a very tough Latin beat, but feels African. Sounds amazing!
When I can play the whole exercise, I'll post a video of it!

Looking forward to monday evening, to give Timothy drum lessons.

Great news by the way: my first gig with Entombed Scars will be a fact! 17th of June we'll play in De Meester, Almere (NL). I can't wait to headbang ON stage again!

See you guys there!

19 mei 2011

I'm a drum teacher!

Dear readers,

I've given my first official drum lesson and it was a lot of fun! I can learn my student, Timothy, everything I want him to learn, he's all mine (H).

2-TT's Music called me and told me there was another kid interested in being my drum student. I met her at the workshop I gave with 2-TT's Music last weeks (check out my previous post).
It's growing! I'm becoming a real drum teacher >:]

Meanwhile, my wrist hasn't fully recovered yet, it freaks me out... I want to drum! :C

Just rediscovered a real cool drummer, check him out:
Grant McFarland. He plays in This Or The Apocalypse, an awesome metalband. ^__^

That's it for now! See ya.

15 mei 2011

Oh, I forgot...

I made 2 video's while not keeping my blog updated!
Here they are:

Drum solo @ Culturele Avond 2011

Drum cover [Bullet For My Valentine - No Control]

Okehhh bye!

Trying to return to my blog.

Dear readers,
(I still have one follower at the very moment, my own girlfriend, but I must act if I have thousands of followers)

I've failed myself once again. I'm totally undisciplined, my previous post dates back to last year.
Anyways, a lot has happened:
- Got a new band, Entombed Scars (metalcore, deathcore).
- Girlfriend is gone to America to study for 2 months.
- My computerscreen is dying as we speak/type.
- I f*cked up my wrist last thursday, I can play the drums again at the end of the week.
- I got declined again at, what supposed to be, my study. Being nervous killed my audition.
- I bought my very first, uncomplete, secondhand drum kit.

I suddenly felt like keeping my blog and drum diary up-to-date again, so here we are!

Tomorrow evening, I'm giving my first drum lesson! Dunno yet how old the kid is, probably not older than 15 and no experience, so this will be very interesting!

I've also given a workshop, today is the last day (it spreads out over 4 days, 1 per week). I learned SO MUCH from it! Especially because the workshop was given at a school for autistics.

Homework: various beats in 7/8 and 9/8 measures. Aweful for the brain, delightful for the ear.
Worked the 7/8 beats out, 9/8 is waiting for my wrist to heal!

I'll keep this blog-thingy up,