Beat the Hero

9 dec. 2010

Drumming Day

Yo yo yo everyone,

Today's 'Thursday Drumming Day'. I'll practise all day the homework I got from my drum teacher: Jazz.

These exercises will improve the independently between arms and legs. I'm a beginner at jazz, but who cares, I love it already! Drumming jazz makes me feel like dancing :].
Jazz has its unique vibe and timing, but what is most eye-catching is the different meaning of instruments: Usually the snare indicates the beat along with the bass drum (bum-pa-bubum-pa), but now you're making music with them (bum-pa-pabum-pa-bumbumpa--pabum), while your beat goes like teen-teen-teteen-teen-teteen-teen-teteen!

My other homework is see what I can do with a Funk solo my drum teacher gave me. He played it as it should sound and it was wicked >:]. Maybe I'll use it as my audition for the Artiestenopleiding...

Besides homework, I'll be practising with my band this evening. Wich means today will be fun!

6 dec. 2010


Ow lol, my last post is 5 days ago... My intention was to post at least 6 posts a week, I hope I'm not failing myself already! So this post is very necessary...

I've got some presents from Sinterklaas yesterday and I'm happy with them! I got a new headphone and a new drumbook (and of course other things, but those are for my girlfriend and me). In the drumbook are some cool solos written that look like funny, funky thingies. I'll post coming Sunday a solo from it! The book's called 'Drums in Reflexion' and it's written by Theo Piepenbrock.

I've practised KsE - My Curse a lot and I still do to drum tight and time everything nice and smooth. And for better performance at the upcoming video-cover of this song, of course! :3

And my pedals are finally working with me, no more fights! *Reliefed sigh*

Alright, gotta go to say hi at Buhiko's place! He needs help at shooting down some zombies at his Call of Duty >:3

1 dec. 2010

Alesis DM10 Studio Drum kit: The Story

This drum kit is amazing. Let me tell you why:

- It has 1047 different sound samples, recorded from real drums and cymbals.
- You can choose between a 100 different pre-set kits and CREATE another 100 different drumkits, according to your personal preferences.
- The ride and crash are choke-able.
- The ride has a bell. WIN
- You can assign a layer to a pad, for example: Layer A is a crash, layer B triggers a cowbell sound. Hitting the pad will trigger both sounds at the same time. Wich means you can create and combine for more dynamics and depths in your snares/toms/whaevahh.
- Instead of just a 5-piece kit with hi-hat, crash and ride, you have a cymbal and floortom extra.
But it gets better: every rim on the snare and toms are separate triggers too, so I can assign splash cymbals, cowbells and tiny china's to them. Or big china's. Or a barking dog, or a gong, or African percussion thingies, or a whistle, or...

All besides this, there is one very special thing about the DM10 drum module. When you hit the pad softer, volume of the sound doesn't only get lower, it actually sounds like you're hitting a cymbal less hard! Just like an acoustic drumkit!
I think I'll post a small video of the Alesis DM10 Studio Kit soon enough to show it to ya!

Btw, my double bass pedals won't listen to me... Bolts loosening up all by itself! Damn... I guess that this was a 'cat in the sack', as I would say it in Dutch. Or in other words: failure-pedals.
Do I need to buy new pedals already? HELP!

29 nov. 2010

Drum kit

Yeah this is my drum kit! An Alesis DM10 Studio Kit.

More info about it coming soon, gotta go!

28 nov. 2010

My first post

Welcome to my blog! I hope you'll have fun checking this out, watch me making my progress and maybe you can even give me some tips and hints!

Today, I've found out that I can drum My Curse of Killswitch Engage. Cool! Because it's one of my favourite all-time-favourite songs: ferocious, yet beautiful.
The double bass in the bridge is something to keep practising, but the rest isn't too hard.
It's a nice and fun song to drum!

I've also tried to drum along some songs of Despised Icon, but...
Yeah, that's still a looooonnngg road to go...

I'll be posting pictures of my elektric drum kit soon and maybe a cover of My Curse will follow...