Beat the Hero

6 dec. 2010


Ow lol, my last post is 5 days ago... My intention was to post at least 6 posts a week, I hope I'm not failing myself already! So this post is very necessary...

I've got some presents from Sinterklaas yesterday and I'm happy with them! I got a new headphone and a new drumbook (and of course other things, but those are for my girlfriend and me). In the drumbook are some cool solos written that look like funny, funky thingies. I'll post coming Sunday a solo from it! The book's called 'Drums in Reflexion' and it's written by Theo Piepenbrock.

I've practised KsE - My Curse a lot and I still do to drum tight and time everything nice and smooth. And for better performance at the upcoming video-cover of this song, of course! :3

And my pedals are finally working with me, no more fights! *Reliefed sigh*

Alright, gotta go to say hi at Buhiko's place! He needs help at shooting down some zombies at his Call of Duty >:3

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