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9 dec. 2010

Drumming Day

Yo yo yo everyone,

Today's 'Thursday Drumming Day'. I'll practise all day the homework I got from my drum teacher: Jazz.

These exercises will improve the independently between arms and legs. I'm a beginner at jazz, but who cares, I love it already! Drumming jazz makes me feel like dancing :].
Jazz has its unique vibe and timing, but what is most eye-catching is the different meaning of instruments: Usually the snare indicates the beat along with the bass drum (bum-pa-bubum-pa), but now you're making music with them (bum-pa-pabum-pa-bumbumpa--pabum), while your beat goes like teen-teen-teteen-teen-teteen-teen-teteen!

My other homework is see what I can do with a Funk solo my drum teacher gave me. He played it as it should sound and it was wicked >:]. Maybe I'll use it as my audition for the Artiestenopleiding...

Besides homework, I'll be practising with my band this evening. Wich means today will be fun!

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